Regular Brown MatQuite simply the best because of these Features ...

  • Cypress slats resist water and insect damage.
  • Narrow openings prevent trapped high heels.
  • Pressure treated dowels run through mat and are secured with galvanized pins (no staples to rust.)
  • Special non-toxic stain sealer resists soiling and provides a choice of colors.
  • Dirt and debris fall between slats so it is hidden from view and not left to be tracked in by someone else.
  • Designed to resist slippage. Easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Low profile (1") for safety and appearance


SLAT-MAT was also designed with the safety of your family and guests in mind. The narrow placement of the slats prevents trapped high heels and the low profile (1") is more natural to step from. SLAT-MAT is also designed to flex slightly when stepped on to minimize slippage.


SLAT-MATs are designed to effectively remove dirt, sand, etc. SLAT-MAT traps dirt and debris inconspicuously between the slats. The spacing between the slats also serves as a squeegee to remove water which may be on the soles of shoes. Mats dry quickly so that you don't have to deal with soggy mats for days after the rain has ended.

Attractive Appearance

SLAT-MAT's clean lines complement any entrance - from the most formal to the most casual. SLAT-MAT is available in two sizes and four colors so that you can choose from several to suit each of your entrances. SLAT-MATs will maintain their good looks for years and will help your home make its best first impression.